Keeping you Informed from Church Council – August 2016

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Keeping you Informed from Church Council – August 2016

Stated Supply Minister

We have now received approval from Northern Presbytery for our Ďcallí to Rev Dr Hilary Oxford Smith for 50% stated supply for 12 months.† This offer was sent to her, and has been accepted, and she hopes to be in New Zealand in October.

She now is looking for assistance from the Community of St Aidans to help find rented accommodation for herself and her husband, Clive, and their two small dogs.† She says the dogs are Ďsmall, donít cast, are hypo-allergenic, house-trainedí.† She would like the house to be Ďa comfortable place, with a small garden, and preferably fencedí, although they are willing to put up temporary fencing.† It could be unfurnished, furnished or partially furnished.† I hope we will be able to help in this


The Overture to General Assembly, asking that Church Property Trustees amend their policy on earthquake prone buildings in line with Government legislation, has been approved by Northern Presbytery, and a similar Overture written by Presbytery was also approved.† Presbytery now wants the two Overtures to be combined prior to General Assembly.† A meeting between members of Northern Presbytery and the Team from St Aidans who have written our Overture will be held to consider this.

Working Bee

A Working Bee for the Church grounds has been planned for Saturday September 10th, starting at 9.30.† All are welcome to come and help, and food for morning tea will be gratefully accepted. This should have the gardens looking good in time for Floral Affair on September 17th.† Please note the dates in your diary.

Telephone directory

By now you should all have a copy of the current telephone directory, either in hard copy or electronically.† If you have had difficulty opening or printing the electronic directory, you can now receive it in pdf format (thank you Lynda) which should be easier.† Contact Nan ( if you want this.

AGM 2016

Saint Aidan’s AGM for 2016 will be held after a shortened worship service on Sunday October 2nd.† All reports should reach the Secretary by Wednesday 31st August.

IT Team for August

Thanks to the IT team for the help with service support.† If there are others able to assist, please contact Nan.

Nan Ė for the Executive Team