Keeping you Informed – February 2015

An inclusive Christian community in Auckland, New Zealand

Keeping you Informed – February 2015

Keeping you Informed

  • Fellowship Team Ė there has been a revamp of the Fellowship Team with the hope that this will be the FUN team that will be the centre of the fellowship activities to involve everyone in our St Aidans community. If you would like to be a part of this please let Alf know.
  • Iona Close Ė Church Council would like to acknowledge the many years Colin has put into the running of Iona Close as a trustee and as its chairperson. His dedication and generosity of his time is greatly appreciated. Thank you Colin. The chair is now in the good hands of Tim.
  • BIG DAY OUT Ė to be held on Saturday 21 February at Little Shoal Bay from 12 noon. This is for the whole Community of St Aidans. Bring something to contribute to a shared picnic lunch. There will be BBQs available if you wish to cook something. Bring all you need for a picnic. There will be games and fun for all ages. High tide is at 10.05am so bring your swimming gear.

IF the weather is inclement (as it was last year), we will relocate to the church grounds.

  • Movie Night Ė Tuesday 3 March. Our annual movie/dinner fundraiser is The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel, not to be missed from all accounts. See elsewhere in this Informer for further information and get your tickets soon from Bruce Ė there is a limited number. Dinner at 5pm at St Georges with the movie at 6.30pm at the Berkley, Takapuna.