Keeping you Informed – August 2013

An inclusive Christian community in Auckland, New Zealand

Keeping you Informed – August 2013

June/July was a busy month- and August promises continuing busy:

A considerable number of St Aidans people have excelled themselves and involved themselves heavily in various activities during the last months with, in particular,  a huge effort associated with the Heaven Bent Gospel Choir Concert, where organizers, food providers, kitchen workers, ticket sellers, furniture movers, and all manner of behind the scenes people, worked very hard, and most successfully, to ensure the tremendous success of the function which also assisted the Church Finances admirably.

August is heading to be a repeat of activity with the planned Speaker Series already involving a wide net of helpers and organizers working towards these interesting evenings on 11th and 18th August.

These activities are an important part of this Parish’s attempt to reach out into the Community as a Mission work and as a contribution to the wider world in which the Church exists. The Congregation can be congratulated on the tremendous efforts in this respect including the many other initiatives encompassing Roast Meet gatherings, Rest Home Hospitality, Kids Friday Fun Nights, Voluntary management of a Retirement village, assistance with pupil teaching at the Northcote Primary School, etc.  For a small Congregation we can rightly be satisfied with, and proud of, our efforts.

In our enthusiasm, the Church Council is aware it must also, however, be conscious of need to not over tax the people power available.  Busy “Church” people are also busy in other spheres and this must be kept in mind and heeded.

Final Service at St .Pauls Devonport:

There will be a final Service to commemorate St Pauls Presbyterian Church Devonport, its place in the Community and all it has meant to those who have worshiped in it over the last 97 years.

Dwindling Congregations have caused Presbytery to close the Parish Centre and to arrange its sale to a Chess organization which intends to strengthen is structure (earthquake requirements) and use it as a Chess Centre.

The Service will be held at 2-30p.m. on Sunday 11th August. Our own Rev. Alf Taylor will lead the Service. ALL ARE WELCOME TO ATTEND.


Information Pamphlet for new attendees and others:

Thanks to Andrea Palmer who has designed and produced a handsome brochure setting out information and brief details of St Aidans’ Worship and Community Services to assist those seeking information about our Church Community. These are available especially to new comers, or anyone wishing to know more about our purpose and activities.

“Declaration of Interest in St Aidans”= forms:

ALL Parishioners are reminded that there is also available in the drawer of the entry foyer desk “Advice of Interest” forms which new attendees wishing to express interest in forming an ongoing association with St. Aidans should be encouraged to complete. These give details of their Name, Address, Phone No., and start a process of enfolding them in our Community.

Once Completed, the Form should be handed to the Elder on Duty that Morning who will see that it is processed in a follow up procedure.   It is only in this way that we can ensure a name tag is provided; allocation to an Elder District is made; newsletters are organized for delivery; and even consideration of interest to become a formal Member of St Aidans is contemplated.

Every parishioner (NOT JUST ELDERS) should be aware of this procedure, and it is vital to our initial “welcome to our midst” exercise.     YES!  The initial responsibility starts with YOU!!    Your interest and assistance is very important.

Congregational Annual General Meeting:

Subject to confirmation by the Church Council later this month, the date for the Church AGM will be set to follow a shortened Service on SUNDAY SEPTEMBER 29TH, 2013. Committee Convenors are asked to prepare reports to be handed to the Executive Elder for compilation by not later than September 6th.