John Biggers – Feb 2021

An inclusive Christian community in Auckland, New Zealand

John Biggers – Feb 2021

And a letter from Jean Biggers with an Obituary for her husband John Biggers who served as minister to St Aidans for two spells, the more recent one in 2007.

Dear Northcote friends,  

Happy New Year from the Sonoran Desert in Tucson, Arizona.  I hope this note finds you healthy, safe and happy.  

Since John’s passing in November, 2019, I have moved back to Tucson to be near my son and daughter, and their extended families. 

We all miss John dearly, but his presence remains among us and continues to enliven us with stories and joyous memories.

As you can imagine, it has been one of the most challenging years of our lives–to deal with the Covid pandemic and the turmoil of the last Trump year–as I try to adjust to a new life in Tucson, where John and I lived from 1970-2011.  

Due to the pandemic, I was only able to enjoy returning to our church in Tucson for a few weeks in March, when life essentially closed behind doors for us.  Outside of daily walks in my neighbourhood (where we previously lived for 17 years), my world has been limited to very few interactions with neighbours and family.

Thanks to my family, including a grandson who lives nearby, I have been able to see my grandchildren and my kids fairly regularly.  My son Doug and his wife Katie live in Tucson (and their son Keegan manages a gym, and son Logan is finishing his final year as an aeronautical student and pilot); my daughter Jennifer and her husband Justin retired to a small town in southern Arizona (near the US-Mexico border), and their son Andrew manages a hotel in San Diego, son Taylor works in marketing in Tucson, and son Dylan manages a produce section at a grocery store–and the big news is their daughter Lindsy and partner Garrett recently had a baby girl, Avery!).  And my youngest son Jeff and his wife Carla continue to live in Iowa City (and their son Diego studies piano in Paris, and son Massimo is finishing high school and continues to be a climate activist). 

We continue to read good things about New Zealand, and hope you and the congregation thrive and grow in 2021.  

With much love,

Jean Biggers and family