Iona Close – July 2015

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Iona Close – July 2015

Future of Iona Close and the Trustees.

Some time ago Colin and I had a meeting with the General Manager of the Methodist’s Retirement Villages with the objective of seeing if there was a “fit” between Iona Close and their Villages. The end result was that we were told   the Methodists do not run their villages and that we are considered to have a good model of a Retirement Village with the only downside being that we are weak in our number and skills of Trustees. It was suggested we should work towards appointing the maximum of 10 and at the same time ensure we have a range of Trustees with diverse skills. To this end we have altered our Trust Deed to allow the appointment to the Trust Board of persons other than members of St Aidans congregation.

Recently because of the difficulty in selling Unit 2 there have been suggestions we should review our model of a retirement village with the possibility, as I see it, of in the future changing to a concept where the units are owned by the residents and the Village is administered by a Body Corporate or similar.

However we should consider placing a suitable clause in the Resident Agreement so that Residents in the future will be aware that changes may occur.

Turning to the Trustees this year Mary, Annette, Bruce and Jocelyn are retiring. I understand that Jocelyn does not wish to stand for another term and have had no indication from the others. We have placed an article in the June Church Informer asking for additional trustees but to my knowledge have not considered the wider community.


  1. That we review the Residents Agreement and if feasible insert a clause indicating the future of the Trust.
  2. That we identify someone to specifically promote the Trustee requirements with the objective of appointing the maximum of 10 Trustees.
  3. That we write Trustee job descriptions for responsibilities such as Pastoral Care, Grounds maintenance, Maintenance/Unit refurbishment, Administration, Compliance & documentation to name a few.