Internship Opportunity – September 2014

An inclusive Christian community in Auckland, New Zealand

Internship Opportunity – September 2014

As many will already know, St Aidans has been given the opportunity to take on an intern from the Knox Centre for Ministry and Leadership for their final year of practice in a parish before being able to become an ordained minister.

A small team and then Church Council, as a whole, debated the pros and cons of taking on an intern. One of the biggest questions was how do we pay for it? It was decided that an intern could be a ĎSpecial Projectí with people pledging what they can to cover the cost.

The subject was then presented to Augustís Cafe Church for discussion and questions. The overall response was a very positive one. The feeling is that we as a community and especially with Alf, have much to offer an intern and would benefit also from having an intern with us for a year.

The monetary cost to St Aidans is considerable, but already there has been over $14,000 pledged. If you feel able to make a pledge please contact either Rosemarie, our Treasurer or Alf, our Minister. All donations will be tax deductible. If you have any questions about making a pledge, again please see Rosemarie or Alf.

Our application to have an intern has been forwarded to Knox Centre and at the moment we are waiting to find out if there is someone who would be compatible with St Aidans available to come. If it is Godís will, then we will have an amazing opportunity coming our way