Imagine – February 2017

An inclusive Christian community in Auckland, New Zealand

Imagine – February 2017


I feel this year is going to be a very interesting and important year for both St Aidans and St Lukes. A bit of a watershed year, you might say. I hope it will be a year where we all dare to: use our imaginations a little more, recommit our involvement a little more, and like the Magi, become changed ourselves because of the experience and ‘return home by another way’. Maybe we need an image to help us as we begin our new year together. And the image I like is of being on a journey… On a camping trip, in tents, to be exact. We are on a journey. And because we are in tents, we need to travel light. While we need the ‘kitchen sink’, it needs to be a light-weight kitchen sink! But more than that, we are all on the journey together. We need each other’s guidance. We need each other’s encouragement. We need each other’s imagination. We need each other’s curiosity. We need each other’s creativity. We need each other’s balance.

We are all on a journey. And all of us are at different points on that journey. Some of us are way up the front; others of us are at the rear. Some of us are willing; some of us are dragging our feet just a bit. Some of us journey with great certainty; some of us have some doubt. It doesn’t matter where we are in the trip… I just think it’s important that we are journeying at all. At least we’ve responded… we’re taking the risk, to explore, and to return home by another way! As a result of their journey, the Magi were changed. No longer could they be instruments of a government oppression. No longer could they repose in cynicism.

No longer could they face the world with mere curiosity, remaining aloof. They were changed.  For they had been confronted with the newness and the hope experienced in Creativity God. And their story is our story, too. Home by a different way, never to be the same again. And in a way that too is what Epiphany is about. Another way to live.

Another way to love. Another way to belong. Another way to be all we can possibly be.

Because God is a god on the move and on the margins. “This is a god who invites us to…

Imagine a world in which there are no weapons because no one can ever think of a need for one. Imagine a world in which we don’t fear each other but enjoy each other. Imagine a world in which no one ever needs to worry about what to eat or what to wear or where to sleep. Imagine a world in which we give what we take and everyone has enough. Imagine a world in which our talents and creativity are valued for the joy they bring not the profit they make. Imagine a world in which the circle of care is so large that no one is left out.

Imagine a world in which education is a lifetime love of learning. Imagine a world in which we live with the rhythms of Earth. Imagine a world in which we respect and care for all living things. Imagine a world in which the decisions we make are made with the awareness of how they will affect seven generations to come. Imagine a world in which we are daily filled with awe and joy” 1. The journey awaits us… This is Epiphany time, searching and journeying time! Welcome to the journey… to an exciting camping trip. Together.

Peter Norman

The conclusion of his sermon on Sunday 8 January at St Lukes, Northcote

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