Greetings from the USA – October 2015

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Greetings from the USA – October 2015

Thanks again for the newsletter; always a treat to read of the comings-and-goings of St.Aidan’s folks.

The very full and meaningful schedule of events and activities is quite impressive.

Especially appreciated Alf’s statements on social justice issues; “Good on you!”

Over here we are finally seeing (and feeling) our summer season winding down; Arizona always has its hot summer weather; but after 45 years in this state, we are accustomed to it.

School has started at all levels; and our family now has one grandson in elementary, one in middle school (8th grade); one in 3rd year of high school; and one starting college.

Our daughter, Jennifer, and her husband, Justin, have retired from their work in education, Jen as a high school counselor–30 years in the same school; and Justin as a principal.

Our son, Doug, who with wife Katie and sons Keegan and Logan, came to NZ when we were there in 2007, is into his third year as publisher of a magazine that features the food culture of Southern Arizona; anyone can look it up online, “Edible Baja Arizona”.

Our love to all our family on the Shore.

Jean and John