Grace Notes

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Grace Notes

It is now midwinter and apart from one week of cold weather, the climate remains warm and humid. Having told you before that I am a hot house flower, I am quite enjoying the milder weather.

School holidays are coming up and I am planning having my granddaughter to stay. I will also take her to Waiheke next week to stay with my daughter Constance who is minding an Airbnb establishment for her friends while they travel overseas.


Alex has had a piece of her artwork accepted into the finals of the National Youth Art Awards which are being held in in Hamilton from the 19th July till 18th August. Her piece is called ‘The Nameless” and depicts 3 faces from the Afghan area who have experienced turmoil in the unrest over the years.  It’s quite a boost for her to have her art acknowledged and be on display and this is the 3rd public display her work has been in within the last 12 months…not too bad for a 17 yr old.

The Youth Art is on display in the Chartwell Gallery, 120 Victoria Street, Hamilton.

John & Fiona

Fiona has now returned to work after her operation but still having to be careful. John’s foot has just about healed so he is pleased with the progress. Thank you, St Aidans, for the encouraging support we received.


Cathy’s son Sam is off to Brighton University for the second half of the year for one semester of his design degree.

Toronto Children’s Chorus

Welcome home to Marion Bradley who is back from her visit to Canada.  With Marion came her daughter Elise, and members of the Toronto Children’s Chorus.  Elise has been Artistic Director of this award winning choir for twelve years, and she has brought them to New Zealand and Australia on a ‘down under’ tour.

Those of us who attended their concert at St Matthews in the City enjoyed an excellent evening of music from the Canadian choir, along with Westlake Girls High School ‘Cantare’ choir, and a Reunion Choir, made up of members from Elise’s previous ‘Key Cygnetures’ choir.  The varied repertoire included classical and international music, all very well presented, and the final item where the combined choirs joined in an arrangement of ‘A Te Tarakihi’ (the cicada song) was stupendous.

My quote this month comes from pop icon Tina Turner.

‘Give me a lifetime of promises and a world of dreams
Speak the language of love like you know what it means’

Tina Turner