Grace Notes – November 2016

An inclusive Christian community in Auckland, New Zealand

Grace Notes – November 2016

St.Aidan’s is facing some challenging times ahead of us. More than ever it is important they we pull together to maintain the spirit of love and friendship that Alf so abundantly left us with.

Not so many items from Grace Notes this month.

From Edith: Back in September I had a very happy couple of days with Connie and Ben in their lovely home at Papamoa Beach. We did some sight-seeing and had a lot of laughs. Couldn’t do our walking as planned because of the weather. Connie is happily settled in her church not far from home and I met the Minister who is pleased to have her there. They are both playing golf and Ben is having English lessons.

Also, back at the end of September, I went with Ship n Shore to WOW – again, a spectacular show, saw Wellington on a good day and had another lovely night at the Chateau on the way home.

Auckland Theatre Company made a great job of ‘Billy Elliott the Musical.’ Having seen the show years ago in Sydney and the movie, it was delightful to see the musical with its excellent dancing and bright music. It ticked all the boxes for me.

My daughter Jill visited with her son Harry at Franz Joseph where Harry is trained as a guide to take people on the glacier. They had some super walking with views of Mt.Cook but strong winds prevented a ride in the helicopter. Maybe next time when perhaps I will be able to go too. Harry likes to say he ‘goes to work’ in a helicopter.

Having attended a funeral in Devonport recently, I couldn’t resist visiting some old haunts – one of which was the old police station in Rattray St. where my Dad was stationed. Why is it that places we thought were large and important look so small when we return all those years later! Lots of happy memories though.

From Fleur: Helping my 5 yr old – come 15 yr – granddaughter get ready for the day and off to school———I said to her, I must go and put this washing on the line for Mummy as the weather is so good, it will probably be dry by the time we arrive home from school———

She said———“Nana when you have finished doing all the work for Mummy, how about you rest and put your feet up on Mummy’s sun lounger in the garden, and get a book like Mummy does”

—-Oooh I replied, now that sounds like a good idea, I wish I had a sun lounger like that at home—

Little Miss 5 yr old says———“but you could buy one for your house”

I replied—–I can’t have a sun lounger where I live——- (for the readers info we live in a village like that of a Body Corp and have a very small apartment. The gardens are for all the residents, so using a sun lounger I don’t think is allowed)

“Oh!” said little Miss 5 pointing a finger in the air, “you don’t have to take any notice of that Manager Nana, if you want to use a sun lounger in your garden you can. Don’t let that Manager STOP YOU”

Then, hands on hips says “Nana, you must be in CONTROL!!!!!”

Little Miss Sanja gave me a real chuckle to start off my day; I’m so very Blessed to have her in my life. I hope that this positive attitude stays with my little Miss 5 granddaughter throughout her life. God’s Blessings on her always.

From John and Fiona – a summary of their presentation on Sunday 30 October – Fiona and I were very pleased to meet her mother who is now in a lovely caring rest home resulting from her Alzheimer’s condition. We also met many relations especially her brother and sister.

Our guided short trip to the Orkney Isles took us to many Neolithic sites including the following; Stones of Stenness, the Ring of Brodgar (both are circles of giant upright stones), Skara Brae (a settlement of houses) and the chambered tomb of Maeshowe.  All of these structures were built between 4,500- 5,000 years ago.

We also visited a monument symbolizing the Sottish immigrants who under great duress left Scotland for other parts of the world.

At St Andrews we came across a plaque about George Wishart, an itinerant preacher during the 1500s who was hung for heresy but consequently became a founder of Protestantism.  John Knox was a disciple of his.

The following is a quote from the Maeshowe souvenir guide: We cannot live fully without the treasury our ancestors left us. Without the story in which everyone living, unborn and dead participates men are no more than ‘bits of paper blown on the cold wind’.

Congratulation to Robin for the outstanding result of gaining 1st place for the Takapuna Floral Art Club at the recent show at the North Shore Events Centre. I believe David built the structure that the arrangement was presented on. Well done both of you. Robin, I always appreciate the lovely arrangements you do for us at St.Aidans. Thank you.

I also want to wish the best of luck to our ARK@S group as I expect they are all facing some fairly difficult studying time prior to end of year exams.

Some of our St.Aidans people are on the brink of moving into the new Ryman Bert Sutcliffe Retirement Village. Please let any of us know if you need a hand with any packing up and cleaning. I’m quite sure your friends in this community would be more than willing to help if needed.

Dinner club on the 29th was at ‘The Good Home’. Thank you Dale for organising this – what a lovely way to meet each other in a different environment.

I found this quote that I would like to share with you.

Be with what is so that what is to be may become. Soren Kierkegaard.