Grace Notes – March 2016

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Grace Notes – March 2016

I love the summer – the heat of the sun, the singing of the cicadas and the smorgasbord of nature’s perfumes, the feel of sand between the toes and the coolness of a paddle in the sea.

Colin and Pat also love the summer and have been able to take advantage of some perfect sailing weather to get out in the Gulf with their boat.

They also enjoyed a small winter interlude when they travelled to Meribel in the French Alps where at 1750 metres above sea level they were surrounded by snow. Meribel has the largest ski resort in the world extending over four huge valleys, 20km from perimeter to perimeter. Colin had organized a party for the trip and all enjoyed good weather, good skiing and good company.

Continuing with the summer theme – Rosemarie and Ralph enjoyed their brief holiday to Noosa. The tropical sea seduced Rosemarie into the water for a swim which seduced the sea lice to feast on fresh flesh. I suspect Rosemarie is still feeling the after effects.

Rosemarie and Ralph were able to catch up with dear Rita in Queensland while they were there. She lives with her son, daughter-in-law and grandson in close proximity of Noosa and has settled in well. She formed a friendship with another lady of senior years and enjoys a level of independence with the benefit of close family relations under the same roof.

From Edith. The Harbour was a hive of activity during Anniversary weekend with all the pleasure craft on the water, helicopters overhead, activities on Queens and Princes Wharf and the ‘Golden Princess’ cruise ship towering over all.

The summer was also a time for the Fyfe Clan to gather for their ‘Thanksgiving/ Awards’ Dinner, all enjoying their time together as a family before departing to their respective homes. Three into new jobs – one at Starship, one in TV filming and one in Fashion Retail.

Another summer event happened at Waihi Beach when Liz and David’s daughter Pip married Adam; the service officiated by Alf at the Hansen’s beach house.

Bruce and Betty also experienced perfect summer weather when they travelled to Wellington to see the Edinburgh Tattoo. Bruce was highly impressed by the standard of performances by both the local and visiting groups. The NZ Army Band, the Swiss Drumming Band, the girls marching teams and the NZ/Scots Band (50 – 100) of them, none put a foot wrong. The precision of each step was impressive. Most of all Bruce commented on the Maori Tableau which presented with 300 members doing haka and poi dancing, all exactly together in movement with the music.

Cam wants us to know that his vege garden will no longer be producing fine vegetables for much longer, he is turning it into a croquet lawn. Good luck with that Cam.

Alf showed us some slides of his time away at the PCANZ retreat. He writes that there were eight Presbyterian ministers at the retreat led by The Rt. Rev. Andrew Norton Moderator. They stayed at the Linds Ridge Hutt, situated at 5,000ft on the Dalrachney Station Omarama, Central Otago, above the Lindis Pass.

The spectacular environment and the connection with the landscape gave these ministers the opportunity to escape from the busyness of ministerial life, to slow down and reconnect with their inner souls. Alf’s own affinity with poetry in those Alpine surroundings was certainly nourishment for his soul. I believe food and fine wine were also a contributing factor to the enjoyment.

Now for some ‘Parental Brags!

Lynda’s son Nick has passed his Degree in Archaeology with Honours and will now move away from home to live in Christchurch for 18months. Well done Nick. Not quite yet the empty nest Lynda, with two still at home with you.

Yvonne’s granddaughter Naoko has gone to live in Spain for a few months where she will be teaching English.

Robin, who turns 74 on 1st March (Happy Birthday), tells me his daughter Rebekah has achieved a diploma in Sign Language. Apparently Maori, English and Sign are the three official languages in NZ. Congratulations Rebekah.

Dalia says that Barbora has been selected to take part in the World Day of Prayer. She has an acting and reading part for which she has been working very diligently.

Birthdays this month: Jocelyn (18th), Nan ( 21st), Malcolm (24th), Cam (?)

There are no wedding anniversaries recorded for March.

I will sing to the Lord all my life,

Make music to my God while I live. – Psalm 103.