GRACE NOTES – June 2018

From Pat and Colin:
We had two days being tourists in Paris and Lyon, but it was great
to get away from the crowds of people and into pilgrim country.
The difference is striking. The happy smiling faces and
friendliness of them all is great. I cannot walk more than 10 km
and I have to keep wearing the compression stockings. But we
have the car… I popped in my long shorts so it doesn’t look too
bad I hope.
We are in Moissac and will stay here two nights. It is a city with an
ancient abbey which has famous cloisters. There are 76 cloisters
with carved capitals at their tops. Colin took a photo to show you
of a little organ with three bellows around it. We imagined three
men all pumping the bellows.
A few days ago we were in Cahors where we saw through a
Liberation Museum about the Resistance when we were here 15
years ago. There was a high cross in memory of the Resistance
workers saying, “145 were taken away in 1944.” And never seen
again. We are so fortunate not to have been overrun in NZ. We
could not find this monument this time though the walk went past it

Andre and Helene returned recently from a trip to Australia. They flew to
Sydney and cruised as far as Darwin, where they stayed for several days.
Darwin has a very large and beautiful harbour and lovely beaches in a tropical
setting. But no swimming in the sea because of the salt-water crocodiles!
What a waste!
From Darwin we did two trips to National Parks seeing some interesting
Aboriginal art and enormous termite heaps. Distances are great in the
Northern territory and we covered almost 1000 kilometres in two days.
Then we went by Ghan train from Darwin to Adelaide taking three nights and
two days, stopping in Alice Springs and Coober Pedy on the way. Helene took
a flight to Uluru and we enjoyed a wonderful BBQ under the stars that
evening at the Post House in Alice. Coober Pedy (which means “white man in
a hole”), is where the opals are mined. We had a huge surprise as we did not
know that the people live underground – they have “regular” houses with TV
and electricity in rock caves. The temperature can get up to 50 degrees in the
summer and it is much cooler underground.
A very interesting trip all round.
Hi Grace – I would appreciate a notice about the concert in August, just to get
people interested:
We are privileged to have the HEAVEN BENT GOSPEL CHOIR, under their
new Director Georgia Duder-Wood, to perform a fund raising concert for St.
Aidans on
SATURDAY 4 AUGUST at 2 PM. Tickets will be $25 (child under 14 – $5),
including afternoon tea, at the end of the concert.
We ask everyone to spread the word, make up a party, sell tickets to family
and friends. These will be available late June.
Thank you to all who offered help last Sunday – plenty of jobs for more – here
are a few ideas of what’s involved:

PUBLICITY – print circulars, contact newspapers, magazines etc in plenty of
visit other churches and invite them to come – include in their
FOOD Think about what is easy for you, say 24 pieces, sweet, savoury,
sandwiches (scones with jam and cream; slice cut into 24; etc)
HELPERS August 3, arrange chairs, move furniture;
August 4, money tickets at door; pour tea.
We know many members plan holidays in June/July, but hopefully there will
be enough of us to cover the jobs, and they will be back in time to help on 3/4
Thanks everyone – Edith

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