Grace Notes – July 2016

An inclusive Christian community in Auckland, New Zealand

Grace Notes – July 2016

Grace Notes

July will be the first month of St.Aidan’s Community without Alf who has left us with a rich heritage of what it is to live a life of Christian love. For Alf’s quote that ‘All will be well’ has helped me on more than one occasion. I pray that our community will continue to hold each other up with whatever the future holds.

It is with sadness that we said farewell to Anne Glenny on 29 June.  She will be long remembered for her beautiful organ music; quiet presence and support of Don.

From Dalia:  A big thank you from the organizing team for everyone’s support to make our fundraising concert a great success. We had a big audience despite the weather. Performers sang beautiful songs with their acting portraying the characters. The sing-alongs were enjoyed by all ages.

Tables were covered with delicious servings and the kitchen team worked hard to provide the excellent afternoon tea. The men gave a hand with traffic control and the handling of the money – around $2700. An excellent result.

Everybody did their best to support this event with some generous donations and encouragement from family and friends.

There was a great feeling of community for this event which was most appreciated. Well done and a big Thank You.

From Edith:  The month just passed seems to have contained several special events for me. First, I have to say a big thank you to all who supported our ‘Operatunity’ concert. Everyone seemed to enjoy the programme with such attractive musicians and it was definitely to our advantage that so many tickets were presold – with the atrocious weather on Saturday; the outcome could have been different. It is hoped that we may get a group together to attend Operatunity’s next major concert at Mairangi, on Wed 6 July, 11am, to show our appreciation.

Sadly the Auckland Vintage Jazz Society is no longer. After supporting Traditional New Orleans style Jazz for 27 years (1989), due to declining numbers attending gigs, it was decided that the Society would be wound up.  I was a member for all those years. There will still be Trad Jazz bands around Auckland, but not under the ‘umbrella’ of the Society. The Band that played for our fundraising concert last year (New Orleans Joymakers) still plays in Devonport once a month.

During the 1960s and 70s my Community Service centered round the Girl Guides Association, particularly in Glenfield District, where at peak we had 11 Units (Brownies, Guides, Rangers). Today there is a Pippins Unit; 1 Brownie Pack; 1 Guide Company and a Ranger Unit in Glenfield District – all thriving.  In mid-June the Brownie Pack celebrated its 50th birthday at Glenfield Den. I had to remind myself that some of the Brownies that I knew would now be in their 50s!!!  The two ladies who started the Pack were present and honoured at the party and a few statistics read out re the number of girls who had benefitted from their efforts over the years.

My Grandson Harry (21) who spent two years at the Edmund Hilary Outdoor Pursuits Centre at Ruapehu, has now found a job as a trainee guide at Franz Joseph Glacier. He will train during winter to be ready for the tourist season in summer.

A copy of an email from Connie to Edith:

Hi Edith, time flies. How’s your shoulder? I hope that the medicine works and makes you smile again. Everythings are well to me but Ben is still suffering from his wrists and neck bones. He has been acupuncturing on his ankles but it takes time. Oriental cure is a little different from Western’s. It’s weird he feels pain in his wrists but sting in his ankles!! And avoid to medication. It already took 2 weeks and we are not sure how long it will be. But I recommended acupuncture because I think he is still young to overcome it by auto-immune.

In my experience I had lots of medicine whenever I was sick but until now it wasn’t cured. So I don’t want to have it anymore. Ben is curing by himself, having lots of veges and fruits; now he is out from serious pain.

We had a visit from 9 friends from Auckland. They enjoyed salt spa in Mt.Maunganui and had dinner at my house. Maybe they arrived almost midnight. They brought 2 packs of toilet tissue and we got happy chat. In Korean to bring toilet tissues to someone’s house warming party that means wishes for their easy life like to pull the toilet tissues easily. We know that’s a kind of superstition but we remains, words etc. And I made a decision to go to St.Paul co-operation church. Its 5km away from my house. I hope that is the best decision for me. The concert is around the corner and Alf’s farewell as well. It’s so regrettable I can’t be there. Love Connie.

From Rachel:  Stephen has graduated from Keas to Cubs in Beach haven.. He loves it. I continue to be a Kea leader.

From Andrea:  In August I will be starting a new job after working at the same vet clinic for 14 years! It looks like it will be a positive change, with a more stimulating work environment and much opportunity for growth. The down sides are increased travel time (its 25km away!); a new computer system and double work hours, so it’s going to be a big adjustment for the whole family. It’s also scary after so long in one place! Overall it should be a positive change; I’m very pleased to have been accepted for this new position.

“There are two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.”  ALBERT EINSTEIN