Grace Notes – February 2017

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Grace Notes – February 2017

Grace Notes

Happy New Year with its mixed blessings of sunshine, wind and rain. The weather is a bit like life really………..a mix of unpredictable changes!!

Each day, however, is a new day to be celebrated for the mere fact of being alive which can have challenges of its own.

Many of you have had holidays; some are still away, while others have had lovely visits from family and friends.

EDITH. The Fyfe clan had a happy busy time over Christmas/New Year. The Australian contingent arrived for the Christmas gathering at Clevedon – there were 17 adults, 4 little ones and two Italian students from Baxter’s exchange in Sardinia. The decision to make it “dress up as your super hero” added to the enjoyment and fun. There were some very cute ‘Superman’, ‘Spiderman’, etc, 4 very attractive ‘Wonder Women.’ A handsome ‘Ironman’ and a lovely ‘Mary’ with her babe in a crib – she was the heroine of our midwife who sympathised with Mary who could not find somewhere to have her baby! A convincing ‘Flying Nun’ enjoyed her role. The windy weather did not dampen the enthusiasm as the characters played out their roles.

Forward one week – time to assemble at the beach house in Tinopai to mark Debbie’s 60th birthday (Edith and Bob’s eldest daughter) on January 1st. The guest of honour was not too sure about this milestone, but warmed to it as time went on. Delicious fresh fish from the Kaipara set the tone and she had plenty of help blowing out 60 candles! Weather good enough for swims so the New Year was welcomed in the right spirit.

Maika, one of the great grandsons, celebrated his first birthday in January, playing with his new digger and trike in the sand at Campbell’s Bay.

Greetings to all for 2017. Edith (Supergran)

JOHN & FIONA. On Boxing Day we went to Otaki for a few days to stay with my sister and brother-in-law and had a lovely time catching up with nieces and nephews and their children. My sister has a small orchard of apple trees and had made some beautiful strawberry jam which made it all feel like summer.

We then moved on to Wellington which was typically wet and windy and also rather cool. We had swims with the children in the local swimming pool which was great fun. My sister, Heather, spent our last day in Wellington with us looking at some of the damage done to the buildings during the recent earthquake.

DALIA. Barbora has been accepted into the Engineering School at Auckland University. She is very happy with her achievement and we are really proud of her. She will be going to live in the Students Hall of Residence.

YVONNE. Two of Yvonne’s grandchildren are setting out on new paths. Wakana to teach in Japan and Sam to start a design degree using his scholarship at Massey in Wellington.

VAL W. Val spent a weekend travelling the ‘Forgotten Highway’ and visiting Whangamomona for their biennial republic day celebrations. A very interesting experience but probably a once only event.

MARION. Marion had a lovely time of the holiday period with visits home from daughter Elise and son Scott. Elise and friends from Canada did quite a bit of touring around NZ which ended in January with a wonderful bar-be-cue meal of fresh fish. Scott took Canadian John, up North on a fishing trip and was fortunate to catch an 80cm Kingfish………..what a lovely way to end a memorable NZ holiday. I have to mention how wonderful the singing was in Church on Christmas Eve. Elise has a rich, strong voice which harmonised beautifully with the large congregation and the organ and trumpet provided by Pat and Peter Reid.

VAL & CAM. Congratulations to Val & Cam who have just celebrated 60 years of marriage. Well done you two.

So good to see Bruce and Keith at Church on Sunday.

A final note…………just to say thank you to St.Aidans for the love and support given to me during my recent misadventure.

Quote: Love is the soul of genius. Mozart.