Grace Notes – August 2019

An inclusive Christian community in Auckland, New Zealand

Grace Notes – August 2019

I have enjoyed Matt’s talks over the past 4 weeks about the changing seasons,
each season bringing its own flavour to our lives. I have said before that I
think I must be a ‘hot house flower’ because I love so much to be warm. It
hasn’t been such a cold winter so far in fact, I see many flowers and shrubs
sporting their spring blooms but it is still too cold to go swimming.
Is preparing to host her mother-in-law’s 102 nd birthday celebration which over
40 family members will be attending on 3 August. ( Cathy we are in awe of
all the help you give to others. Grace.)
Has had tendon surgery on her hand. It is 4 weeks since she had that and is
making good progress.
(We miss you at the organ Pat but look forward to fingers well healed. Grace.)
“My life has been a bit of a whirlwind since the 11th May when the first
celebration of my 90th Birthday was held here, (with Elise missing it because
she was stuck in Houston and arrived the following day via Rarotonga), to
saying Goodbye to her Choir here in Auckland on Sunday 14th July. In
between those two days I had several more celebrations of my birthday, here
and in Toronto. I had thought my trip to Toronto last year was my last but
Elise persuaded me to go again this year, travelling back with her on 21st May
then returning with her and her Toronto Children’s Chorus Chamber Choir for
their tour of the North Island here. They gave their first performance here on
1st July, then in St. Matthews-in-the-City on 3rd July, then travelled to
Hamilton on 4th July (1 night), Rotorua (2 nights), Palmerston North (1
night), Masterton (1 night), then to Wellington (5 nights), where the TCC was the “Choir in Residence” for “Choral Connect”, and where Elise had been asked to take several Masterclasses in Choral Conducting. The last
performance by the Choir was in St. Mary of the Angels, Wellington on
Saturday 13th July (which sadly was not recorded) and then my last flight
with them back here on the 14th. I have been very blessed to have had so
many opportunities to be with so many of these children over the last twelve years, and it was very difficult saying Goodbye to them all as we left the plane at Auckland – me coming home, and them travelling on to Sydney for their Australian Tour. I definitely will not be returning to Canada for any more “holidays” but am so glad I managed to do this one! “
Hi from David and Rosemarie
Hard to believe we were away seven weeks (May, June and early July)! Italy,
Germany, Denmark, France and the UK. Lots of friends we have not seen for
some time (years), lots of good food and wine, lots of miles driven and a
week of summer in London to finish off with.
Highlights of our trip include:

Meeting and spending two days in Berlin with a recently found
relative of Ralph

Walking all around Rome for four days (two in the rain) which felt
like about 10km per day

Afternoon tea on board the Royal Yacht Britannia

Two days walking in the NW corner of the Lake District with a very
good friend

Afternoon tea in the Wedgewood factory in Stoke-on-Trent (sorry, no

Being back at ‘home away from home’ in France

Catching up with David’s relatives in Penzance and Thrapston

Seeing ‘The Mousetrap’ and ‘Tina, the Musical’

Evensong at Salisbury Cathedral and Westminster Abbey

A children’s orchestral, jazz and popular music concert in St Thomas’

A very entertaining history of the Tower of London by a real live

On-going history lessons – Denmark, Rome, Carcassonne, Hadrian’s
Wall, Edinburgh, Stonehenge, Salisbury, London

The list can go on – we had a wonderful time and are pleased to be
back in NZ.
At last – I get to live in Northbridge – Bob and I put our names on the
waiting list in 1998 – mine was still there !! My daughters began the
enquiry and found that there were 2 ‘Assisted Living’ apartments
available – one bedroom (quite spacious) lounge, kitchenette, (nice
big) bathroom – handy to everything. Years ago that would not have
appealed, but now at the ripe old age of 90, it’s great! My apartment is
cleaned once a week, touched up every day, linen washed, towels
changed daily. I have access to meals when I want them. Bob would
be smiling.
Gradually I am finding interesting activities within the village – e.g.
lovely new swimming pool/spa (have ‘tested the waters’ and plan to
join the aquasize class; line dancing – great music and good exercise;
singing group – I’m working at getting my voice back after a long
absence !!
Lots of things in the central building (the Hubb) good library, jigsaws,
daily newspaper, the Cafe, hairdressing salon, social activities. One
resident included everyone in his 80th birthday; we watch the Rugby
in the lounge. My group of new residents were treated to morning tea
and an orientation trip round the Village in the Buggy.
I happened to arrive at the Village in time for the mid winter Christmas
Dinner at which 142 residents sat down to a hot dinner, served by a
group of Carmel College girls engaged for the occasion. Excellent
meal, tables beautifully decorated, well organised and a talented
musician to entertain us.
The Rest Home celebrated 40 years with a party and invited guests
from ‘D’ apartments (mine) to come. I caught up with several old
friends as we enjoyed birthday cake, wine, lunch. Such a treat. And
there is so much to look forward to —
I feel blessed to have reached Northbridge at last – never thought it
would happen – thanks to my thoughtful daughters. I really appreciate
what is done for me and catching up with friends from the past – some
I started Primary School with at Devonport all those years ago ……
The oldest computer was owned by Adam and Eve.
It was an Apple with very limited memory:
Just 1 byte and everything crashed.

May you always be blessed
with walls for the wind
a roof for the rain
a warm cup of tea by the fire
laughter to cheer you
those you love near you
and all that your heart might desire.