Grace Notes – April 2016

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Grace Notes – April 2016

Grace Notes

Last month I mentioned how much I loved summer. Autumn has arrived gently for most of us in Auckland as we continue to bask in warm weather albeit a bit wet and windy.

Colin and Pat have also enjoyed the weather which had provided perfect sailing conditions for their yachting. Over the Easter weekend they sailed with the Royal NZ Yacht Squadron to Mahurangi Harbour and Kawau Island in company with members of their family. Georgia and Joseph helped them in their yacht while David and Heather sailed on their own yacht. One race had to be abandoned due to the ultra-light winds but Pat and Colin came second in Saturday’s race in a light shifting wind of less than 5 knots. A highlight was the sight of four Orca whales putting on a magnificent display, swimming, surfacing and diving all around Kawau Bay.

Pat has also written of the Passover Meal on Thursday 24th March –

Members from St.Georges, Mairangi Bay and St.Aidans met in St.Georges Hall on Maundy Thursday for the Passover Meal. It was a time of good fellowship and mixing between the churches. We were led through the meal by Sylvia, Caleb and Alf, Ministers of the three churches, giving us meaningful explanations of the various elements of the dinner.

Lamb, unleavened bread, bitter herbs, and parsley served with a bowl of salted water, hardboiled egg, and charoset – a sweet salad of apples, nuts, wine and cinnamon, were the symbols of the Jewish Passover and they continued to be of significance among the early Christians. It was informative and moving to learn that the salt water symbolized the tears of the Hebrew slaves under Egyptian rule, but it also symbolized Christ’s tears. A piece of unleavened bread was placed within folds of a napkin as a reminder of the haste with which the Israelites fled to Egypt, leaving no time for the bread to rise.

Alf is to be thanked for arranging the opportunity for our congregation to take part in this age-old festival.

From Edith.  Edith and friend Loretta fly to Adelaide on 1st April to spend a week with ‘Operatunity’ enjoying ‘Music on the Murray’ aboard the chartered paddle steamer, ‘Murray Princess’. There will be 120 guests, including 7 singers and their accompanist, combining with the ship’s music master to provide a week of entertainment and fun, as well as interesting trips ashore. More details next month.

Also from Edith. For the folks who know Mayrion Meacham, she is now in the Special Unit at Evelyn Page Village, Orewa. Edith visited her on 17th March and unexpectedly got to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with Mayrion and friends. It was a fun afternoon, drinking green ice cream sodas in green glasses; staff were dressed in various forms of ‘green’ and served nice sandwiches and savouries while listening to a pleasant country singer with guitar. The guests sang along and enjoyed the party.

From Fleur.  My nearly 5 year.old granddaughter said to me one day, “Nana, I’m going to have 10 children when I grow up”…..”Ooh’, I said, “that’s a lot of children, and you’ll have lots of work to do”……..!!………..  She replied, “That’s OK Nana, because you will be coming around”……………!! – A memory to treasure Fleur!!

There are quite a few birthdays in April:

Betty H.;  Audrey W.;  Val W.;  John C.;  Edith F.;  Wendy F.  Dale K.

Wedding Anniversaries:

Betty & Bruce H.;  Lee & Rob R.;  Helen & Brian L.

A quote for this month.

‘Music washes from the soul the dust of everyday life’