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From the Minister

I have been thinking lately about the power of music. To express or convey a feeling. To keep us company while we do the dishes or the gardening. To help process grief and sorrow. To somehow give us strength to keep putting one foot in front of the other. To lift our souls and make us want to dance. To give us a language when words arenít enough. As a musician I have appreciated the way music has helped me navigate life, and how I’ve also been able to share it with others to be a blessing to them.

It’s been said that there is a divine music that has been playing throughout creation since the Holy Spirit hovered like a humming bird over the waters. It is the music of God and Gods way of being in the world. Maybe there are times youíve felt in time and in tune with this song, so much so that it made you want to dance. Maybe it caused love to flow from you like a river of life, to all people, that they too would hear the song of God. When we live out the way of Jesus; the way of love, peace, forgiveness, justice and hope, we join in the song.

This music of God trancends time and space, and speaks into the heart of every person, urging them to come home and join in.

Music is a powerful image and a powerful gift.

Earlier this month we remembered and honored a man who knew this well. Don Boyd. Whose gift of person, and gift of music touched the lives of many people. We thank God for the blessing of his life, and we say ďThank you for the musicĒ Don. Your music lifted us when we were low, and made us want to dance. It changed the atmosphere of a room and made it feel warmer and more welcoming. It helped us process our sorrow, and it gave us hope to move on. It reminded us of special times past, and stretched our imaginations with new sounds and arrangements. Your music has kept us company on the journey of life and faith.

So, we give thanks to God for Don. Not only for all the songs he played, but especially for the song of God that flowed through him to others in all he did. For this was the greatest song. The song that will sound for all eternity, and will unite all hearts as one.

Matt Chapman

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