From the Minister – Dec19/Jan20

An inclusive Christian community in Auckland, New Zealand

From the Minister – Dec19/Jan20

Dear Church family,

Advent is here and I pray that it will be a meaningful and special season for you and those you share your life with. Hopefully we can put into practice some of the ideas we explored in the last issue of the Informer.

It is with a thankful heart, tinged with a bit of sadness that I write this last Informer message for my time here at St Aidans.

I want to say thank you so much for inviting me and my family to journey with you this year. Thank you for caring for us and welcoming us into your hearts. We have been deeply blessed during our time here at St Aidan’s. It has been a healing environment for me in so many ways. I think God knew that I needed you. You are a community of unconditional love and warm character. Each one of you has a unique and special personality. Each one of you has been loving, kind and nurturing. We feel truly blessed.

I want to thank the church council for offering to extend my time with you into a second year; a very generous and wonderful offer that I was humbled to receive. In many ways I was very sorry I couldn’t accept this offer as it has been so great here with you all. However, I felt it best to take up another Stated Supply position a little closer to home. So, if you’re ever in Howick and want to pop in for a cup of tea, I will be based at St Andrews for the year. We will miss you all very much when it is time to go at the end of January and will always consider St Aidan’s one of our church families.

It’s been a real joy to serve alongside the various leadership teams, and I want to thank and honour these people for their hard work, outstanding commitment and love for the church. You display wisdom, grace, attentiveness, kindness and a readiness to make things happen. Many church leadership groups around the country could learn a thing or two from you. Thank you for serving this community this year.

In the remaining two months I am with you, I will continue to work towards helping St Aidan’s prepare for a future that will enable it’s unique community and ministry to continue. This is a special faith community and I believe that in today’s world we need people like you sharing the faith, hope and love in your unique way.

May we continue to seek to share the heart of Jesus Christ with our neighbours, family, friends, community and even enemies. May we continue to listen daily to the whispers and nudges of the Holy Spirit and dare to follow where the Spirit leads. For there we will find purpose, meaning, challenge, hope and new life.

I also look forward to sharing this Advent season with you in worship and ministry.

We love you and will miss you!

With Grace and Peace and Gratitude.

Matt Chapman