From the Kidís Corner – November 2015

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From the Kidís Corner – November 2015

Global Mission Fundraiser

15 November @ Cafť Church

Many thanks for the wonderful donations towards our first Global Mission fundraiser.

The gifts are wrapped and numbered and when you have Ďboughtí a number for $2, you will receive the gift with the same number. A variation on a lucky dip.

All the money collected will go towards helping All Saints High School in India.

Friday Fun Night

27 November

This is the last FFN for the year! It will be a Christmas shared meal followed by Christmas activities. Bring a friend and Mum and Dad and join us for this special evening.

We are winners…

Well, runners up. Look at our entry in the Love Is… competition that is up in the Spencer Lounge. There were over 200 entries from all over NZ so we did really well. Congratulations to all those children who contributed towards this artwork.

Kids Friendly Birthdays

Birthday wishes from the Kids Friendly Team to our “junior” member who will be celebrating their birthday in November Ė Darius and Hannah.