From the Kids’ Corner – June 2015

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From the Kids’ Corner – June 2015

Friday Fun Nights: Our last Friday Fun Night was based on the story of Noah’s Ark. Roxy was an awesome storyteller and lots of fun activities were based on boats and arks; animals and rainbows. Our next FFN is on 26 June. If you want to join us please email Andrea at . Also have a look on our Facebook page – Community of St Aidans and see all the photos of what happens at FFN.

ARK@S : What an awesome job these young people did with organising their Youth Service. It has been many years since we had a service run by our young people.

We look forward to seeing them in action again at the end of August. If you are at Intermediate or College and would like to join ARK@S and be part of doing Acts of Random Kindness, email Andrea at .


Kids Friendly Birthdays

Birthday wishes from the Kids Friendly Team to our “junior” members who will be celebrating their birthday in May – Pino, James, Edmund, Barbora.