From the Kids Corner – February 2015

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From the Kids Corner – February 2015

From the Kids Corner

Hope you all had a wonderful summer holiday. Now with the start of school we are back into our normal routine again. See you all soon ……

  • Kids n All starts up again on 1 February with New Zealand as our theme. In March we will be celebrating Childrenís Day.
  • Friday Fun Nights begins again on Friday 27 February with Outdoor Games and a BBQ. Open to all primary and intermediate age children but registration is mandatory. Starting time is 6pm with an 8pm finish.
  • LENT is the 40 days leading up to Holy Week and Easter. During Lent we often give up things we love like a favourite food or television or spending money on ourselves. We do this to remind us how much Jesus gave up for us. He gave up His life for us!

Sometimes people will take on extra things to get closer to God Ė like helping others, reading our bibles, raising money for those in need.


Lent starts on 18 February.