From the Kid’s Corner – August 2015

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From the Kid’s Corner – August 2015

Upstairs Downstairs Movie Night       Saturday 15 August @ 6.30pm

Mum and Dad are invited to watch a movie upstairs while the kids will be downstairs watching their own movie with popcorn and juice. Bring your beanbag or a cushion and have a fun night watching ‘Despicable Me’.



Friday Fun Night       Friday 28 August @ 6pm

This month we will be doing activities for Fathers’ Day. Remember to get Mum or Dad to register you when the notice is emailed out.


Youth Service       Sunday 30 August @ 10am

A different service led by our own young people. What will they do this time? It is sure to be something to remember.

Kids Friendly Birthdays

Birthday wishes from the Kids Friendly Team to our “junior” members who will be celebrating their birthday in August – Allely and Lucy.