Foreign Correspondence – July 2013

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Foreign Correspondence – July 2013

From sunny Queensland:

Thank you for sending the newsletter. It is the best way keeping up with St Aidans news.

At the moment we are gathering seeds from trees that change colour. Not many because the winter is not really cold enough but Liquid Ambers are in full supply.† Dawid and I gathered†seeds yesterday and discovered seedlings growing underneath the trees. They were easy to pull up and we now have a number that we potted up yesterday.† Collecting the seed from the seedpods was quite a mission. What struck me was the wonder of it all_—–that a mighty 60 ft tree can grow from such a tiny little seed and that the roadmap is written so precisely and detailed for that tree. How can one fail to believe in the Almighty?† I feel so blessed to have this experience together with my children and with Raimi.