Foreign Correspondence – April 2013

An inclusive Christian community in Auckland, New Zealand

Foreign Correspondence – April 2013

News from South Australia

We are both well.  Lee is working half a day per week as a hospital volunteer – staffing the cafe and Rob is now a part time professional street walker.  Four days per week for AC Nielsen doing the radio ratings survey. Getting paid for walking and talking.

We attend a local Church of Christ where the congregation has joint venture with the local council in running a new community centre complex which becomes a church on Sunday.  A very smart operation.  The congregation does not own any property so all revenue actually gets spent on local mission activity.


Rob and Lee

News from France

Bonjour chers amis,

Hello friends, Today, as I write, is the first day of Spring. Although the weather does not feel very spring-like, the trees and the garden as well as the birds are saying Spring has sprung. The change of seasons is far more marked here and the move into Spring is noticeable every day. I am sure a time lapse camera on the plum tree outside the kitchen door would show new blossom appearing almost hourly. On my morning walks the number of wild flowers in bloom increase each time. There are lots of daffodils for sale in our local Wednesday market. Before too long the weather will warm up and the countryside will be a blaze of new fresh colours – the wheat fields, the sunflowers, the vines, the ivy on the chateau walls – all truly a glorious sight.

We enjoyed having Alf here for a few days. It is a real treat for us to be able to share a little of our French ‘adventure’ with friends and family. Words and photos can only say so much.  It is often the ‘being there’ that is the ‘icing on the cake’. I am sure Alf will give his impressions of his French experience. We have a few more visits from family before we return home.

Next week we are away from the château for a few days visiting the Dordogne. From what we have read it is another beautiful part of this big country. Villages perched on the sides of rivers, old castles and châteaux, caves with prehistoric paintings. But as I said earlier being there will be the real experience.

So until the next time, we are your French correspondents saying à bientôt.

Liz and David