Food Bank Report – May 2012

An inclusive Christian community in Auckland, New Zealand

Food Bank Report – May 2012


Come into the Kauri Glen – make it your inner room for just a while

See the dappled sunlight on the barks of many trees standing in rank and file

Smell the damp, dank darkness, feel the shade that cools

The way where steps lead to a stream of quiet pools

Come sit a while. Don’t ponder what or why

Just see the straight tall masts reach endless to the sky

Come witness just how dwarfed the human life midst timeless giants like these

And give your praise to God who has made man and trees




Food Bank Report


If you think the food bank would like it, be rest assured you are correct! We have some extended families to help recently and such parcels are inclined to run the stocks low rather rapidly. In some instances we are out of stock completely, and these items have an asterisk beside them in the list which follows:


*Sugar                                       *Tinned beans                                        Biscuits

Tinned vegetables                  *Rice                                                          *Tinned Fish

All jams                                       All tinned fruit                                       *Instant coffee

*Vegemite                                 *Honey                                                    Peanut Butter

*Clothes washing powder                                                                       *Pasta

*Pasta sauce                             *Spaghetti                                              Dishwashing liquid

*Drinking chocolate/Cocoa


Matthew Davies

p.s.  The food  bank was closed for three weeks, recently because they had run out of food.