Floral Afternoon 2012 Style – May 2012

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Floral Afternoon 2012 Style – May 2012

In 1933 the Northcote Presbyterian Church (it was not then called St Aidans) was in financial distress and unable to afford to pay the council rates. The women of the church took it upon themselves to raise the money for the rates by holding a Daffodil Day. This was a great success and Daffodil Day was held annually. Several years later the name was changed to the Floral Afternoon. The church was bedecked with floral arrangements made from the parishioners’ gardens. Women from the other churches and throughout the district were invited to attend a Thursday afternoon concert in September followed by a lavish afternoon tea. The rates were paid!

It is now 79 years later and the Floral Afternoon still continues. Of course there have been changes over the years. The date was changed from the third to the fourth Thursday. Some years ago another change was to discontinue selling cut flowers from a stall. No doubt there have been other changes that we in 2012 do not know about.

It is time to make another change to fit in with modern people’s lives. The church will still be decorated with masses of flowers to a theme. There will still be a concert with items of a high standard. There will of course be heaps of food offered.

But it will have a change of name, not yet decided upon. Perhaps it will be called, “A Floral Affair”, or “A Floral Feast” – feast of flowers, feast of items, feast of food.

The afternoon tea will be in the form of a High Tea with the audience seated at tables and concert items interspersed with servings of savouries and cakes. Robin Baxter is intending to set up a table at church on 6 May to show people what is envisaged for the somewhat dramatic change of style.

It will be held on a Saturday – 15 September – when families are more free to attend. Flowers and items are not just for women to enjoy, but men and children alike. Men are welcome to participate in the arrangements and the organizers hope that, with a little tuition, children will make the window arrangements the night before – another Friday Fun night!

A hostess will be required to set and preside over each of the tables and we invite volunteers to fill this role to speak to a member of the committee – at this stage Margaret King, Robin Baxter, Mary Boyd or Pat Reid.

Pat Reid, Finance Committee