Family Violence – May 2016

An inclusive Christian community in Auckland, New Zealand

Family Violence – May 2016

During our Café Church of Sunday 17 April 2016 we had a table conversation on the following question:

Family Violence in its many forms thrives within an environment of secrecy. In what ways may we, the Community of St Aidans,
show that family violence is NOT OK?

The responses:

  • Start with looking at how we may individually respond to violence and abuse perpetrated towards ourselves.
  • Attempt to understand the different circumstances and see life from their perspective. – don’t judge.
  • How to offer something without appearing to be interfering and judgemental
  • Be ready to speak out and notify a problem, which we believe is serious.
  • Some form of a support group
  • Never be afraid to ring 111
  • Place ‘Love is not violent’ sign on outside the building
  • Continuing to have awareness raising conversations
  • Participate in the white ribbon campaign
  • Have an information booklet available were to get help
  • Remember a visible sign of injury is not necessarily a sign of family violence
  • Have appropriate support links from our Facebook Page and Website
  • Creating a safe and accepting place where people inside and outside our community can talk about what is happening for them.
  • There are verses in the Bible which may encourage and offer wisdom
  • Practical care of loving neighbours, who are in need.
  • Practical care and support for women, children and men who are experiencing family violence.
  • Encourage people experiencing family violence to talk to others.
  • Support women’s refuges, social workers and counsellors already working in this field.

Some of these suggestions may be able to be implemented now, while others will need further consideration and conversation. The Renewal Team will continue working on them and bring Recommendations to Church Council.