Encourgement for the Journey 23 February 2014

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Encourgement for the Journey 23 February 2014

Encouragement for the Journey

Greetings fellow traveller

While reading and reflecting for our service today, I came across this image:

Statue without a heart


It is a statue by Ossip Zadkine in Rotterdam, Holland. The statue (a man without a heart) symbolizes Rotterdam, the city that lost its heart during World War 2. There something very powerful about this image, how it portrays loss, someone is missing, no longer able to feel, the man is without a heart. I am reminded of the 1939 Movie, Wizard of Oz and the characters who Dorothy met along the yellow brick road in particular Tin Man who wants a heart, so he can feel.

Painting and sculpture can be a powerful medium to portray without words what is happening within our shared humanity. Let us not forget the wonder and beauty of poetry to also describe through metaphor and simile the inner landscape of the soul.

When we go through the landscape of grief, we could say we have lost our heart, someone is missing. Poets write poetry for a myriad of reasons. Ann Weems’, whose son was murdered at aged 21 in 1982. When she was able to write again, after a long, long period of grief, she wrote this poem. It is titled: Into this Silent Night.

Into this silent night

As we make our weary way

We know not where;

Just when the night becomes its darkest

And we cannot see our path;

Just then is when the angels rush in,

Their hands full of stars

 This poem in its silence echoes the return of the heart to the human soul, enabling life to be lived again.

Meanwhile peace and go well on your journey