Encouragement for the Journey May 10 2015

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Encouragement for the Journey May 10 2015

Encouragement for the Journey

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Greetings fellow traveller,

Yes, today is Mother’s Day, however, with Roxy writing a very appropriate and beautiful piece last week on the Motherhood of God, I thought I would take a different approach and see where I end up.

When Mother’s Day comes around it offers me a mix of memories of my mother, some very poignant, while others still evoke feelings of frustration and sadness. Yet, at this time in my life, I can honestly say, despite all that happened between my mother and I, I do believe that love was present between us.

Love is a word, often spoken in various contexts within the Community of faith. Yet, if we are not aware and paying attention it will quietly pass us by and we will miss the experience of what love may offer us. Sam Keen (Author & Philosopher) writes in Sightings: Extraordinary Encounters with Ordinary Birds

 “Love, like cardinals that suddenly appear from the wild blue yonder, always seems to be a gift we do not deserve. Love is the opening through which we have the best chance of glimpsing an abiding presence of the sacred within Being itself. In the degree that we are cherished as children or adults, a loving conspiracy is woven around us that undergirds our lives with a sense of the sacred. Love, as Gabriel Marcel, the French philosopher, says, is ‘a concrete approach to the mystery of being.’ These days, gathering the memories of the important people in my life, I am reminded that the love freely given to me, no less than my DNA, has informed my trajectory through life, my destiny.”

I find the above truly delightful, it reminds me that love in its many varied expressions, is always an opening into that Mystery we name as God. For love’s presence is indeed an abiding presence of the sacred presence of God. If you want to catch a glimpse of what the being of God is like, then watch how a mother loves her baby. Need I say more?

On this Mother’s Day, take a moment to pause, become aware of how love in its various guises has enriched and continues to enrich your life. Offer a prayer of thankfulness for how love has shaped your destiny here on this spinning planet called Earth.

Meanwhile peace within the mystery of love