Encouragement for the Journey 9 November 2014

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Encouragement for the Journey 9 November 2014

Encouragement for the Journey

 Journey picture  ex Ben C.

Greetings fellow traveller,

One of my favourite books is: Living the Questions – Essays inspired by the work of Parker J. Palmer, edited by Sam M. Intrator. A few years ago I offered you these segments from this book for your reflection. They are still relevant for us today:

“In a world running on cybernetic time, we skim the surface of things, unable to pause, go deep and let wonder and suffering take hold of us. In a media – rich world, we are systematically distracted from the suffering of others and numbed to our own. In a world where news is increasingly “spin” and multiple pieces of information on a single screen vie for our attention, we are insulated from the complex but clear – eyed truth that would call us to rigorous discernment between what hurts and what sustains the flourishing of life.”

 “Contemplation is not a special skill of a disciplined few who have mastered some esoteric set of techniques. Contemplation is any way of penetrating illusion and touching reality. We arrive in this world with an inborn contemplative capacity – the soul, the inner teacher, the God in every person – that helps us survive by keeping us grounded in reality, if we will let it.”

 “Be receptive to what you can download from the web of life. God is accessible on the inner – net; keep logging on. And keep the hope that it will be better – when you work for it.”

 May the blessings of a compassionate God

rest upon you

May the deep Shalom, Salaam,

Peace of God abide with you

May God’s presence illuminate your heart,

today, and in all your tomorrows

Meanwhile Peace