Encouragement for the Journey 8 / 9/ 2013

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Encouragement for the Journey 8 / 9/ 2013

Encouragement for the Journey


Greetings Fellow Traveller, 

Sometimes, just sometimes, on our journey, we arrive at place we have been before, but, we quickly leave, not wanting to stay, because the consequences of staying will mean changes we are not at that moment, prepared to accept.

I had one of those experiences this week, as I prepared for this Sunday’s service. I checked the lectionary readings and I discovered it was the month for celebrating and honouring Creation.

Part of me quickly engaged with thought of celebrating Creation, our Floral Affair next Saturday along with our Café Church next Sunday with its theme of Beauty readily came to mind.

But, following my initial energy burst, I allowed myself some space and silence. I acknowledged to myself, that ecological awareness and spirituality have been strange bed fellows. I knew I had been at this place before, at the cross roads of ecology, spirituality and the faith journey. Each time I arrive at this place, I take a quick look around and quickly move on. I could not recall a time I have offered a reflection on ecological issues and the spiritual journey.

This time, I have decided to linger around the crossroads, see what is there, where are the signposts pointing and who may be a guide on the journey. Of course, this decision is filled with unknowingness, for where will the consequences of these decisions take me.

For this month of September, I invite you to linger with me at the cross roads, maybe take tentative steps along a different road and catch glimpses of the wonder and beauty of creation. Of course you may already be doing this, if so, I would like to hear from you.

My initial insights confirmed what I have known for a while; there is an interconnectedness of all life. A spirituality that negates and neglects the ecology and creation of this living organism called Earth is deficient of grace and compassion. Also, how does my spirituality affect you and vice versa. Now that is just for starters………………….

Meanwhile Peace waiting at the cross roads