Encouragement for the Journey 6 September 2015

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Encouragement for the Journey 6 September 2015

Encouragement for the Journey


Greetings Fellow Traveller,

Today at Kids N All, we celebrate Fatherís Day. Father. The very word is filled with all manner of images. Its very utterance evokes memories buried just below the surface. Who can tell what memories lay within the labyrinth of the human heart.

For many of us our Father is no longer alive, and we live with the memories of a person who once had a physical presence in our life. For some of us, we never knew our Father; there are of course different reasons for this. For others when it comes to Fathers Day we are numb, no feelings it is just another day. While for others memories of our Father are tinged with both pleasure and pain.

This Father’s Day, I invite you to consider that each personís appreciation and understanding of their Father will be different and consequently their response will be different. We respect and honour these differences.

Father’s Day is more than a commercial ploy seeking to encourage spending on cards which are read once then forgotten or the purchase of expensive gifts. Rather, it may be a time for other things, precious things which no amount of money can buy. I am not even going to suggest what those precious things could be, sorry to disappoint you. Instead, I leave that to your imagination, for you alone know what you carry within your own heart.

I am speaking here of course of becoming aware, what is happening within, learning to appreciate there is another vast universe awaiting our exploration. Travelling in this vast inner universe does not require a passport, mega dollars, rather, just time, for moments of silence and a commitment to care and nourish our own soul.Along the way, we will be reminded that being human, offers opportunities for growth, change and wonder. May this Fatherís Day, offer you moments of joy and continued courage to live with the unresolved of the heart

Meanwhile Peace