Encouragement for the Journey 6 March 2016

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Encouragement for the Journey 6 March 2016

Encouragement for the Journey


Greetings fellow traveller,

It feels awhile since I have written an Encouragement for the Journey. I regularly ask myself, why do I undertake such a task?

Simply, to offer some words that may encourage you on your journey of life and faith.

The word encourage, is such a beautiful word, its meaning derives from the Old French word ‘encoragier’ meaning to make strong. So we may say, to encourage, is to offer something that another may use to build up their courage, to strengthen their resolve for the living of these days.

We all need to be encouraged along the journey of life. Sometimes, we are not aware that we need encouragement, yet, when it unexpectedly arrives at the doorway of our heart, it comes like a cool breeze on a hot day, we feel refreshed and enlivened.

There is no limit to how we may encourage, we are only limited by our own response to the creative nudging of our heart. Let me explain, we have a thought, that so and so may need a phone call, a card, a text, a visit, yet, we say, I will get round to it, but first I need to do….. Alas, that thought, retreats and the voice grows fainter. We turn our focus on matters nearer home and an opportunity for encouragement is sadly missed.

Sometimes, encouragement comes from the most unlikely people, arriving in our lives at just the right moment. This is cannot be programmed, rather it is the gift of spirit, flowing within the synchronicity of life. Words of encouragement don’t have to comprise of many words, sometimes, few is quite sufficient, for it’s the presence behind and in between the words, which will express more than we can imagine

Pause for a moment, reflect on your life, is there someone; you may want to encourage today? How would you like to do that? For who knows, your encouragement may make all the difference in their life.

Meanwhile peace on our encouraging journey