Encouragement for the Journey 5th August 2012

An inclusive Christian community in Auckland, New Zealand

Encouragement for the Journey 5th August 2012

Encouragement for the Journey

Greetings Fellow Traveller,

Last weekend I once more visited a book sale, this time I was fortunate to discover some very good CD’s for a bargain price of a $1.00 each. Among my treasures was a CD titled Our New Orleans. It is a collection of tracks honouring the resilience of the people of New Orleans in the wake of the flood of August 31st 2005 after Hurricane Katrina.

The music of course is Blues, Cajun with a hint of jazz. In the booklet that comes with the CD are these words: ‘You can rebuild a city, but can’t re – make it. So, we need a surety, a reminder in the fresh face of disaster, where we’re all strangers and afraid, that when new life percolates out of the dried streets and flooded weed patches, off the porches and out of the bedrooms – out of whatever’s left in New Orleans – something vital will be intact, some marker in our hearts, if nowhere else, by which we can say, Yes, that’s where we were, that’s, what we heard, that’s what we knew was good and worth preserving, that’s who we were and are. That’s where we’ll start again. There are some things you just mustn’t lose or life’s not life for any of us.’

If we are prepared to be taught, then all kinds of people can be our teachers. This may happen in a variety of ways, especially through their writings and in our many encounters with one another human being. The people of New Orleans teach us so much about ensuring that the heart and soul of a community needs to be preserved and treasured, for that is what gives life, if you lose that, there will be no life.

Here at our faith community, many influences contribute to making St Aidans what it is becoming. With David and Liz leaving for France, we honour their contribution to the life and spirit of St Aidans and we who remain will continue to foster and encourage the new life that is percolating up in and among us. We each play a part in maintaining this percolating experience.

Let us taste and enjoy the spirit of St Aidans, for who knows, perhaps you are here at St Aidans for such a time as this …….

Au Revoir to David & Liz

Meanwhile Peace in the Dignity of Difference