Encouragement for the Journey 4 October 2015

An inclusive Christian community in Auckland, New Zealand

Encouragement for the Journey 4 October 2015

Encouragement for the Journey

Communion Sunday

Greetings fellow traveller,

Today is World Communion Sunday; it is an opportunity to celebrate Christian unity and cooperation. So it is very appropriate that on this day, we seek to share with our children and youth something of the wonder and beauty of Holy Communion.

Last year when we received accreditation as a Kids Friendly Church, we also had a goal that during the next twelve months we would have a Kids N All Service, which explained Communion to our youth and children. We honour that commitment this morning.

Those of us, who have shared in Holy Communion for many years, may know the theology of the sacrament, its practice and its central presence at the heart of the Community of faith. You may also know that such a simple and beautiful act originated by Jesus to remember him, has been taken and interpreted in different ways across the various denominations. Each denomination’s creeds and statements of faith show their way of celebrating communion, is the way, and other ways, for various theological reasons just don’t measure up.

Yet, on World Communion Sunday, we honour that which unites and what we have in common with other denominations, rather than that which divides us.

During our KIDS N ALL gathering today, we will be reminded of the communion story and what

Communion is and offers us on journey of faith. This will be done in such a way that will speak to us no matter what our physical age, or how many years we have had the opportunity to participate in Communion.

I take this opportunity to remind you, you are welcome, and all are welcome, for none are excluded from this act of belonging. Holy Communion is for all people, no matter our age, ethnicity and even our religion. For this bread and wine are the gifts of God for all people.

Meanwhile Peace