Encouragement for the Journey 4 May 2014

An inclusive Christian community in Auckland, New Zealand

Encouragement for the Journey 4 May 2014

Encouragement for the Journey


Greetings fellow Traveller, 

I know that next Sunday is of?cially Mother’s Day, but our a kids Friendly Team thought it was a great opportunity to celebrate Mothers on this our usual kids N All Sunday. I will use my EFJ next week to focus primarily on Mother’s Day.

Today, I want to share with you some thoughts that have been buzzing around within me since I participated in the Northcote Community ANZAC Service and also after I took another Ecumenical Church Service at Northbridge this week. It was a privilege to represent you the Community of St Aidans at both these community gatherings. Once the Church and with it the ministers played a central role in community life.  Now the Church and its ministers play a very different role. It’s a role of being available to make a contribution when and where there is a need. You could say we are waiting on the fringes of society while building bridges into its heart.

Our team of helpers at Northcote Primary is one example of being available and responding to an educational need of involvement within a classroom setting to support teachers and encourage the children.

Another example is the Drop Inn which has been there for nearly twenty years offering a place of friendship, fun, fellowship and fun for those who live at the Regency and Shoal Bay Villas.

Each of these acts of kindness is making a difference in the lives of young and old. Consequently, it is very important to appreciate that as our community changes so too the church must change, if not, it will die. Our Community of St Aidans must continue to monitor how it responds to meet the increasing needs and challenges in our ever changing community of Northcote.

This requires continual evaluation of how and what we do with our limited holistic resources.  Is what we do the best use of our resources? Are there more effective ways of being both a faith community and serving in the wider Community? These and other like questions are essential to ask, if we are to remain both effective and continue to make a positive difference in the Northcote community.

Be encouraged we are making a difference for good in the lives of others, long may it continue……..

Meanwhile Peace