Encouragement for the Journey 30 November 2014

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Encouragement for the Journey 30 November 2014

Encouragement for the Journey


Greetings Fellow Traveller,

While reading the Huffington Post (On Line Newspaper) last Tuesday I came across an article about an eighty eight year old man, by the name of George Travis, of Louisiana, US.

He engages in a beautiful daily ritual, whereby, every morning he goes for breakfast at his local restaurant. There he eats his breakfast with a framed photograph of his wife Billy Mae who died last year, standing on the counter just next to him. He does this to ensure he keeps his wife’s memory alive.

Reading this, I had a recurring thought, namely, how memory and memories can be both a blessing and a curse. Some memories delight us, filling our hearts with love, while others, are too painful and we keep them locked away. Even though locked away, they can easily be evoked by a piece of music, a song, a particular smell, an movie image, or suddenly in conversation that memory comes alive and we experience the pain of an event which may have occurred many decades ago.

Memory is such an amazing gift; while we can remember and recall, we don’t always appreciate what a wonderful faculty we have been given. Then for some, their memory begins to leave them and they slowly enter a different world. This leaves their loved ones undergoing emotional pain, along with asking questions, without receiving satisfactory answers.

This Sunday we commence Advent, the journey towards the celebration of Jesus’ birth. This time of the year along with birthdays, often offer moments when memories will be evoked in many different ways. We may say things like;

Do you remember when?

Do you remember that Christmas when?

Who was with us for that Christmas at?

These questions will arouse our memories and conversations will flow from those memories. May they offer you moments to share and cherish. Where there are painful memories, may those around you, hold, support and love you, so you may continue to live in the present moment, with all its challenges, pain and uncertainty.

Meanwhile extravagant love and peace be yours.


P.S. Don’t forget on Sunday 14 December at our Quiet Service we will also have an Act of Remembrance.