Encouragement for the Journey 30 August 2015

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Encouragement for the Journey 30 August 2015

Encouragement for the Journey


Greetings fellow travellers!

In the days just prior to this service I was in exam week. It was stressful at times: trying to remember the correct structure for answering the questions, scribbling away to the last minute on the ever-ticking clock, wondering if you missed something when the test seems too easy. On top of all that is the pressure that your future is irrevocably dependent on it.

At times like these, when everyone seems to demand everything of you, itís important to take a deep breath and take a calm step back to look at what truly matters. Life has likely changed a lot since the last time you had taken a school exam, but I hope to share a few thoughts that can be applied to your set of circumstances.

Our moments on this earth are best spent in happiness, our own and that of our neighbours, rather than in a state of agitation from the stresses of the daily grind. Sometimes all it takes to feel better is to choose to be happy.

Our mistakes do not have to be shameful failures. They are opportunities to grow and learn how to do things differently the next time. There is always more than one way to go about achieving a goal, and if it was not a success with the first that should not mean we dismiss all other pathways.

Be patient and be calm, for many of the problems of today, with the steady flow of time and effort, will become the problems of yesterday. Remember your friends, family and community because they will last a lifetime. These people will support you on your journeyís hardships, easily solved or permanent.

May we find the strength to help those around us, and may we pray for those who are beyond our reach.

And to you, I wish you many blessings and joyful discoveries as a fellow traveller on the spiritual journey of life.

Until next time,