Encouragement for the Journey 29/01/2012

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Encouragement for the Journey 29/01/2012

Encouragement for the Journey

Greetings fellow traveller,

Last week I attended the funeral of a ministry colleague who died aged 58 following his battle with cancer. After the service I went for a coffee at the Shore City shopping mall. I needed space to reflect on the service, there I noticed a young woman in a wheel chair, it appeared she could not speak or feed herself for she was being fed through a tube by her care giver. There sitting just a few feet from this woman where young people of her own age laughing, texting and joking together. After attending the funeral and watching this scene unfold before me, I was left with lots of questions and very few answers. Yes, life at times is unfair and unjust.

Whenever I attend or officiate at a funeral or see someone being cared for (as that young woman was), I inevitably ask myself questions. This activity helps to re – focus my life; it is like my own personal Global Positioning System. On this particular occasion I asked: Is the life I live, my life, am I living a life true to myself, or am I seeking to measure up to the expectations of others? Am I seeking to make a difference for good in the lives of others by how I live my life? Am I carrying excess baggage from the past, which I can jettison to enjoy living in this present moment?

To ask ourselves a question ensures we are personally challenged to continue on the journey of life, with openness and creativity, this offers personal growth and healing. The very action of asking questions produces an opportunity for new life and energy to flow into our lives. What a gift we have been given?

I am reminded of that wonderful story told by Martin Buber (Jewish Philosopher): “When I die and go to the world to come, they will not ask me, Zusya, why were you not Moses? They will ask me: Zusya, why were you not Zusya?’ (Rabbi Zusya of Hanipol)

I leave you with a poem from Langston Hughes (1902–1967) Dreams

Hold fast to dreams

For if dreams die

Life is a broken-winged bird

That cannot fly.

Hold fast to dreams

For when dreams go

Life is a barren field

Frozen with snow.

 Keeping asking the questions ………..

Meanwhile Peace