Encouragement for the Journey 29 September 2013

An inclusive Christian community in Auckland, New Zealand

Encouragement for the Journey 29 September 2013

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Greetings fellow traveller,†

Today, is our Annual General Meeting, you will notice, looking at the liturgy, that it is placed within the worship service. This is intentional, for our AGM reflects our life together and what better way than having the AGM in the context of communal worship.

Traditionally, Church AGMís are times to look back, honour achievements made, ask questions along with acknowledging with thankfulness the varied acts of service offered with great love and energy during the past year. We also need to accept the budget for the year ahead.

Another aspect is of course becoming aware of the challenges we will face in the coming year.

Challenges can be viewed, either as a crisis or an opportunity.

I am writing on Tuesday morning, the day after the storm hit the Auckland region; unfortunately there have been reports of power outages and damage around the region. Then this morning I looked out at my neighbourís garden, it was alive with birds taking advantage of the soft earth to forage for bugs and worms. For some the storm was a crisis, with loss of power and damage for others an opportunity. Of course you may think I am stretching the analogy somewhat mentioning birds, but what about the various builders who will obtain work repairing damaged buildings.

How we view our challenges is very important, it will determine the energy and vitality within our community.

I invite you to see our challenges through opportunity spectacles, not crisis spectacles. This is not a head in the sand approach; rather, it offers us energy and hope to face the challenges TOGETHER.†

We are seeking to become a Community, not a group of individuals doing their own thing, for the whole is greater than the sum of the parts. Meaning; itís the energy that comes from the interactions within the community, that produces our creativity, which is very different from each person on their own. This energy or synergy is present in our Community of St Aidans, and it will produce an abundance of creative solutions to the challenges we face.

Meanwhile peace within the synergy of opportunity