Encouragement for the Journey 28 September 2014

An inclusive Christian community in Auckland, New Zealand

Encouragement for the Journey 28 September 2014

Encouragement for the Journey


Greetings fellow traveller,

Today is our AGM. A time to honour the past, while living in the present and catching glimpses of the future.

We may seek to understand and learn from history, but we may never return to the past. The future beckons, awaiting our presence, leaving us living in the present, in this moment of time.

This week, for reasons beyond my comprehension, I was hit with an email problem, which sent a spam email to my email contacts. How this occurred I am uncertain. I am unable to go back and recover those emails. At best I can apologise and seek to understand just what occurred to ensure this would not happen again.

An aspect of an AGM is to understand and become aware of where we have been over the past year, with its joys, challenges and opportunities.

My email problem was outside my level of expertise. I needed the help of my son who is a computer systems engineer. He has the skills, knowledge and experience to understand and fix my problem, which he did.

In this era we are facing immense challenges and opportunities, both within and outside the community of faith. We truly need each other, sharing skills, wisdom, and experience and together find creative ways forward.

Here at St Aidans, we are seeking to embrace the creative energy of community. A well-known quote from the Greek Philosopher Aristotle is most appropriate and expresses my philosophy of life and ministry:

 ‘For the whole is greater than the sum of its parts

 This means what people can accomplish working together is more than they could accomplish each working individually. Everyone has strengths, but when you put those strengths together, they produce something more than the individuals could by going alone.

Now that is, synergy in action and I am delighted to say this is occurring here at St Aidans. It is this working together that is essential for our on going life together. Our Focus Forward on Sunday 12 October is an opportunity for you to be present and make your unique contribution to our community life and mission. If we all could participate in Focus Forward, something amazing would happen, new ideas, energy and creativity will be present. To make a difference, we all need to be involved, contributing ideas and creative energy.

I look forward to seeing you at Focus Forward, hearing your ideas and experiencing your energy.

Meanwhile peace, in honouring our past, while living in the present and catching glimpses of the future.