Encouragement for the Journey 28 July 2013

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Encouragement for the Journey 28 July 2013

Encouragement for the Journey

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Greetings fellow traveller, 

Here I am, sitting at my laptop writing another Encouragement for the Journey. I ask myself a recurring question: What is it I am seeking to do in writing this weekly reflection?

An obvious answer is; I write to encourage you the reader on your journey of life. But like much in our lives, the obvious, may also hold other layers of meaning. So it is, with my question, there are other layers of meaning waiting to be explored.

Last Monday on my day off, I was reading some poetry of C. Day Lewis. In his introduction he wrote these words: “we write in order to understand, not in order to be understood.” He uses this statement in the context of poetry, which I readily accept. For the poet is seeking first to make sense of their own inner and outer world.

His statement, offers a way of discovering meaning in why I write these encouragements for the journey, week in week out. I do so first for myself, to understand what is happening in my own inner world and the variety of experiences I may encounter during any given week.

I feel comfortable with this approach, for what this humanoid encounters and experiences, may indeed resonate within your own world and experience. We are all on a journey; we never arrive at some point, where we have all the answers. Life is an ever unfolding experience of living moment by moment, within the embrace of love.

So to this week, what have I discovered which I seek to understand and then offer to you? Today is Thursday, I am enjoying my week, I attended four meetings, listened to and spoken with some interesting people, made a few pastoral visits, arranged a ministry review for a ministry colleague and dipped into some books I have not read for awhile. Have I had profound insights, alas no.

However, within the ordinary everydayness of my life, I seek to be fully alive and AWAKE to the beauty and wonder of the eternal dance called life. This is what offers me unexpected moments of meaning and delight.

Meanwhile Peace within the dignity of difference