Encouragement for the Journey 21 September 2014

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Encouragement for the Journey 21 September 2014

Encouragement for the Journey

New Life

Greetings Fellow Traveller,

Welcome to another Café Church, our theme to day is the season of spring and new life. Living here in a temperate climate, the transition from winter to spring is noticeable, but it is not as marked as in the Northern Hemisphere. Where winter ice and snow give way to warmer days, with the sun making its welcomed presence felt.

Nevertheless, spring is still a special season offering us abundant symbolism for the spiritual journey.

I have heard gardeners expressing delight in the opportunity that spring offers, to prepare the ground for planting, along with pruning and other tasks that are required to enhance the budding of new life and growth. I am not what you call a ‘gardener,’ in the traditional sense, rather, I like to plant stuff and create, but I often fail to do the maintenance things, namely the weeding, fertilising and watering etc. which I regrettably leave to Fleur. Consequently, what I have planted struggles to reach it’s full potential and growth.

There is a real lesson here, for the journey of life, for we need to nurture and care for our own life, not just through our basic needs of food, shelter, safety, sleep, and exercise, but we also need to care for our inner life.

The metaphor of springtime offers the opportunity to reflect upon our inner world, to see those areas we may need to prepare for planting, pruning for the growth of new life and transition that awaits us on our journey.

At different times we experience moments of transition, moments when new life begins to push through the hard surface of our ego’s shell. In these moments it is springtime in our soul. These are what could well be described as grace moments.

Meanwhile Peace