Encouragement for the Journey 21 July 2013

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Encouragement for the Journey 21 July 2013

Encouragement for the Journey

Pentecost Dove

Greeting Fellow Traveller, 

Today at our Cafe Church we celebrate ‘The Bible’.

The Bible is at the heart of our Christian tradition.

Unfortunately, for many the Bible is used like a literalistic yardstick to measure the lives of others against, consequently it has become a stumbling block for many.

For some the Bible is uniquely divinely inspired, the infallible and inerrant Word of God. If it’s in the Bible it must be true and right, no need to question or doubt kind of response to what is written between the Bible’s covers.

There is another way that I have discovered on my journey, which is very well outlined by Professor Marcus Borg in his book The Heart of Christianity. I offer the following quotes which I hope will give you a taste and flavour of another way of looking at the Bible:

 The Bible tell us how our spiritual ancestors saw things – not how God sees things.

 The laws of the Bible need not be understood as God’s laws for all time, but as the laws and ethical teachings of (ancient) communities. 

Inspiration refers to the movement of the Spirit in the lives of people who produced the Bible. The emphasis is not upon words inspired by God, but on people moved by their experience of the Spirit, namely these ancient communities and the individuals who wrote for them. 

The Bible is thus both sacred scripture and a human product……a clear vision of the Bible and its role in the Christian life requires seeing it as both sacred scripture and human product. It is human in origin, and sacred in status and function. 

The Bible comes to us from the distant past. It was not written for us, but for the people who lived then. 

Believe whatever you want about whether it happened this way ; now let’s talk about what the story means….a preoccupation with factuality can obscure the metaphorical means and the truth of the stories as metaphor.

Meanwhile Peace in our Bible reading and reflection