Encouragement for the Journey 20th September 2015

An inclusive Christian community in Auckland, New Zealand

Encouragement for the Journey 20th September 2015

Encouragement for the Journey

Greetings fellow Pilgrim,

A few years ago, I called at a house looking for a particular person, alas, they had left a few months previously, and the landlord was there, showing a prospective tenant around the property. Walking away, I reflected how the house was now empty, but over time different people in that place, had called it their home.

Millions of people in our world donít have a place to call home. I am sure you have the seen the images of migrants travelling across Europe, these powerful images of people, adults and children, who are currently homeless. They donít have a place of belonging; they are seeking a place, as yet unseen and unknown. Some are living in tents, for others a railway station offers a place to sleep; a converted stadium for some will become a temporary home.

A place to call home is a basic human right which if we are honest, we often take for granted. The migrant exodus triggered my memory when I was a young Police Officer in Liverpool in the 1960ís, I often found people mainly older men living amongst the derelict and partly demolished buildings of the inner city. Those places became their home, howbeit for a little while.

The theme for our Cafť Church today, is relating to our community. Such a diverse topic, but weaving its way through at the core of community, is the need to belong. Without this there is no community. If there is no belonging, there is no healthy community.

Where we live, becomes a special place it becomes a home. The places described above and our own homes are each very different. Our homes our time become places of belonging with memories, along with the special things we may gather around us.

When you go home today, you will open the door of your home and enter, becoming embraced with its familiarity and presence. Pause for a moment, recollect that for some in our city and many in our world, have no place of belonging, a place to call home.

We also need to remember, that for many a home is no longer a safe place, with children and women living in fear. May our hearts be opened with compassion for we share a common humanity, searching for belonging.

Meanwhile Peace in our homes and in our belonging