Encouragement for the Journey 20/ 12 / 2015

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Encouragement for the Journey 20/ 12 / 2015

Encouragement for the Journey


Greetings Fellow Advent Traveller,

Today is the fourth Sunday in Advent and we continue lighting Advent candles, today it is the Candle of LOVE.

Mention the word LOVE, and all kinds of images and memories may arrive into our awareness. I am sure we each have our own thoughts, descriptions and stories of being in and our experiences of LOVE.

Is your understanding of LOVE influenced by, romance novels, Hollywood, and, or TV soaps and dramas? Or have you come to an understanding through some other pathway? For LOVE to be more than just a word we write or say, we need to embody it into our lives, allowing it to influence our attitudes, actions and our relationships.

Often we hear the words that human kind is on a grand search for meaning and significance, to somehow understand why we are here at this moment in history. There is another way, this week I once again read Joseph Campbellís The Power of Myth, and he suggested that we humans are not searching for meaning, rather we are seeking to experience meaning, to feel being alive. When we love and are loved, we feel alive and have an opportunity to experience the mystery and wonder of life.

Yet, sometimes, for various reasons, we go through seasons in our lives, when love is present, but not always felt: The following words scratched on the wall of a cellar in Cologne during World War 2 are a helpful reminder,

ďI believe in the sun, even when it isnít shining,

I believe in love, even when I donít feel it.

I believe in God, even when He’s silent.Ē

So, we may say with the Apostle Paul of old:

Unconditional Love is patient, and kind;

Unconditional love is not envious or boastful or arrogant or rude.

It does not insist on its own way;

it is not irritable or resentful;

It does not rejoice in wrongdoing,

but rejoices in the truth.

It bears all things,

believes all things,

hopes all things,

endures all things.

Unconditional Love never ends.

I leave you with a question, how may we love unconditionally extravagantly?

Meanwhile Hope, Peace, Joy and Unconditional Love remain, but the greatest of these is LOVE.