Encouragement for the Journey 1st May 2016

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Encouragement for the Journey 1st May 2016

Encouragement for the Journey

Happy Mothers' Day

Greetings fellow traveller,

Today is Kids N All, even though Motherís Day is next Sunday, we will also honour it today. Today is itself a very significant day, for it is the 1st of May, which in recent times has become known as International Works Day or Labour Day.

The significance of May 1st goes back to a time when the Western world was predominately agricultural, for on this day a celebration took place to honour the end of the winter half of the year within the Northern Hemisphere. May Day celebrations are also closely related to the festival of Beltane within the Celtic tradition and the Germanic festival called Welpurgis Night. Any mention of May Day celebrations and the image of Morris dancing and dancing around the Maypole could well come to mind. We can imagine how May Day was eagerly awaited, to celebrate the warmth of the Sunís rays, such a stark contrast from the cold and barrenness of winter in the northern hemisphere.

This theme of celebration and being thankful was taken up by the Christian Church, with harvest festivals and thanksgiving being held to celebrate the gift of a promised harvest from the fertility of the land, with springís new life bursting forth, offering the promised bounty of the earth to look forward to.

However, we may look at the 1st of May; it is a reminder, that life is to be celebrated, enjoyed, savoured, for ultimately we truly only have one life to live.

I want to suggest that when we enjoy and celebrate life, we truly come alive; happiness or a sense of well being flows. When we celebrate and enjoy life, we see the wonder and beauty of the ordinary being truly sacred and miraculous in and around us.

Meanwhile Peace