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Encouragement for the Journey

I am Thankful For


Greetings fellow traveller,

The theme for our Café Service today is “Thankfulness.”

Gratitude or thankfulness is one of the most important soul foods, because it has the ability to enhance and maintain a spirit of well-being, nourishing us in body, mind and soul. Indeed it has the ability to transform the way we actually live our life.

When you constantly remind yourself of what you have to be happy for, you will be happy. And when you’re happy, you can live a longer and healthier life. The following are some reasons why thankfulness is so important:

• Being thankful reminds us of what truly matters in life. It is all too easy to get caught up in day-to-day stresses and take for granted the things that are important to us.

• If we remind ourselves each day of the things we are thankful for, we begin to focus more on the important and less on the superficial.

• Thankfulness makes our problems seem less daunting and more manageable. We all have issues from time to time with work, family and friends. However, these issues often get blown out of proportion, causing stress and misery.

When we are thankful, it always comes back to us. When we begin to be thankful for what we have, we also begin to be more thankful toward other people. This cultivates positive feelings, and as the saying goes, “what goes around comes around.” In addition, the more you focus on the best in life, the more you will attract the best in life.

Some may say that being thankful is easier said than done. After all, problems arise on a regular basis and it can be all too easy to concentrate on the problems and stresses in life. However, thankfulness is something that can be cultivated and fine-tuned. In fact, it is very easy to incorporate thankfulness into your life. Also, thankfulness costs nothing, but the benefits are substantial.

A healthy habit is to nourish our soul with thankfulness: To start nourishing your soul with thankfulness, take a few minutes each morning when you wake up to think of five things to be thankful for. This could be your job, your volunteering, your family, your health, or even your new smart phone. You don’t have to say your thanks out loud or write anything down. Just lie still for a few minutes with your eyes closed and focus on these five things that you are truly thankful for.

What five things are you thankful for?

Meanwhile Peace in a spirit of thankfulness