Encouragement for the Journey 17 June 2012

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Encouragement for the Journey 17 June 2012

Encouragement for the Journey

†Greetings Fellow Traveller,

This week I received a request to take a small Christian funeral for a man who had died at home. After having a conversation with his family I reflected on how beautifully and tenderly this family had cared for him in his time of need. I never cease to be amazed at the courage and strength of the human spirit in caring for another human being who is very near the end of their physical existence.

Courage is a strange quality; we know when it is present and when it is not. When courage pays a visit, we find ourselves facing and seeing life with a different set of lenses. With courage we attempt things which initially we are unsure whether we will succeed or not, yet we still attempt them. It is like we experience unseen hands holding and sustaining us with a power to open our eyes and not be afraid.

I like to imagine these are the hands of the One we name as God, the mystery of mysteries, God with us – Emmanuel.

This week I discovered a new poem. I particularly like its espresso coffee imagery, but it also invites the reader to open our eyes long closed so we may experience life with courage and of course so much more. Enjoy!!


Black coffee at sidewalk cafes

with chairs and tables like gaudy insects.

t is a precious sip we intercept

filled with the same strength as Yes and No.

It is fetched out of the gloomy kitchens

and looks into the sun without blinking.

In daylight a dot of wholesome black

quickly drained by a wan patron…

Like those black drops of profundity

sometimes absorbed by the soul.

that give us a healthy push : Go !

The courage to open our eyes.

†Tomas Transtromer. Swedish Poet

Meanwhile peace in our courageous moments