Encouragement for the Journey 17 April 2016

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Encouragement for the Journey 17 April 2016

Encouragement for the Journey

Greetings fellow traveller.


I have been writing this weekly column for nearly six and half years and this week’s offering is the first of its kind.

On this Sunday morning with its theme of Family Violence, it seems appropriate to mention a matter of extreme importance. Which in some way is indirectly linked, namely becoming aware of our own personal security.

Let me explain, in the past month I have been told of three instances where personal valuables have been stolen. Including two handbags, one of which had cash, house keys and a raft of personal documents, which showed a home address. It was later discovered they had entered the home of the handbag owner and stole jewellery. These thefts usually occur in public places, two have been in a church setting, while the other in an exercise class. The alleged perpetrators are two women who work in tandem and have perfected their craft into an art form.

At various moments on your life journey, you may well have been the victim of some kind of criminal offence. The experience is never easily forgotten. I recall when Fleur and I and our family lived in a small rural town in the North Island, we were broken into on two occasions along with having various thefts from our property. It really felt like a personal violation of our personhood.

This is in some small way, a similar experience for the recipients of Family Violence. Their personhood is violated, either, sexually, or by physical violence, and or emotional and psychological violence. Think for a moment the affect upon the children who are abused, or witness abuse of their parent or caregiver.

Let us develop ever-widening circles of awareness of Family Violence and its insidious affects upon children and adults in our community. Along the way may we become that much more aware of our own personal security in public places, especially for us humanoids who like to carry a handbag.

Meanwhile peace in our awareness